Studio Novvave : With full of love for music, we are working on various projects related to the music industry.

New Visual Identity for Bside 

Bside is a music label dedicated to providing our listeners with a constant supply of creative and original music,like the kind of music you would find on the b-side of a record. We designed the label's new visual identity.

Kim Hyun-Chul’s 10th studio album 

The recent craze for CITYPOP eventually invited him to us. With love for his music, we designed CD & Vinyl Record for his 10th album .

Be my MUFFY! Album Cover & Booklet design for Macguffin's 1st EP.

We designed the first EP album of MACGUFFIN which is the most attention-grabbing talented indie rock band in Seoul now. Through a fictional character called MUFFY, we created the artwork to reflect the musical color and unique thoughts of MACGUFFIN and indirectly experience the episode in the EP album composed of seven songs.

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